Dog gone!
Luverne hosts 52nd Annual Hot Dog Night
"Oakley" didn't win the Wiener Dog Races, but he definitely took first place in the happy category.

Luverne hosted its 52nd Annual Hot Dog Night celebration Thursday night, July 17, with more than 15,000 free hot dog dogs given away by local merchants.

Hot Dog Night 2014 enjoyed uncharacteristically cool, dry weather, compared to the usual hot, humid conditions July can bring. Nice weather may have played a role in high crowd turnout, with crowds filling the streets most of the night.

Volunteers in the Rock County Dairy Association trailer reported running out of all but three flavors of their popular ice cream offerings and merchants reported running out of hot dogs earlier than usual.

The event, hosted by the Luverne Area Chamber, featured the usual hot dogs and fixings, plus the fourth annual Wienerman Triathlon, Wiener Dog races and beauty pageant, Music on Main Street and more.

The Star Herald will post results from competitions as they become available.


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