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We are moving to Hills!
Halden and I are moving into this house, a mile south and a half mile east of Hills. We are so excited to start our life as Hills residents. We will be moving to the farm the first weekend in March.

Many of you in the Hills community have been wondering and asking if Halden and I are moving to Hills. 

Well, the answer is yes! We will be moving to Hills the weekend of March 1.

A little over a month ago Halden and I were talking about how nice it would be if I didn’t have to commute from Sioux Falls to work in Luverne and if Halden could get a teaching job in the Hills area.

Well, Halden has not yet found an opening for a teaching position in the area, but he continues to search.

He also thought it would be nice to start farming with his dad on the Van Wyhe Farm. 

LeRoy and Shelley Van Wyhe (Halden’s aunt and uncle) who live just down the road from my mother- and father-in-law, Howard and Heidi Van Wyhe, decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for them to move into town so we could move into their house on the farm.

At first thinking about living on a farm scared me. I grew up living in town in Adrian and greatly enjoyed the action of neighbors and cars driving by at all times, but there were times I wished I could live on a farm. 

So here is my chance. We will be moving to the farm and I couldn’t be more excited.

Thanks to Shelley, the farm place (which is a mile south of Hills) is already so nicely painted that all we really need to do is move our stuff in. 

Halden and I are happy to be moving back to his hometown and are excited to be able to live in a small town like the ones we grew up in.


Hills is such a caring town and we are grateful that the community is already making us feel welcome. 

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