Figure skaters open competition season in New Ulm

The Blue Mound Figure Skating Club made their competition debut for the 2013-14 season at the Fall Festival in New Ulm Nov. 23-24.

Sixteen club members representing the Luverne, Adrian, Sioux Falls, Hartford (S.D.) and Brookings (S.D.) areas competed at the event that yielded a third-place finish as a team for the area skaters.

Sioux Falls and New Ulm placed first and second respectively in the team competition.

The BMFS are coached by Katie Kopp, Sarah Nuffer, Sadrian Sowles, Courtney DeBoer and Cathy Shearer.

“It will be a busy season for our competitiors,” said Marian Schneekloth, of the BMFSC.

“Their next competition will be at the Bilzzard Blast in Plymouth Jan. 11-12, and is followed by our own competition on Jan. 18-19. This competition has been moved up from March. They go to the Frosty Blades competition in Blaine in February and to the Blades of March competition in Minneapolis in March. Our annual spring show, “Lights! Camera! Skate!) will be March 21-22.”

Club members won a total of 22 event titles in New Ulm.

Complete results

1st Place

Dollz – Team Compulsory FS5

Andrea S – FS3

Brooke N – FS4

Haley P – FS5

Morgan B – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Anna B – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Augusta P – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Kendall B – Stroking

Hannah H – Stroking

Augusta P – Stroking

Ashley H – Solo Compulsories

Alyssa N – Solo Compulsories

Andrea S – Solo Compulsories

Brooke T – Solo Compulsories

Alyssa N & Riley S – Couples Spotlight

Haley P – Dramatic Spotlight

Brooke T – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Brooke N – Rhythmic Ribbon

Haley P – Rhythmic Ball

Breanna R – Rhythmic Ball

Haley P – Interp

Haley P & Brooke T – Jump N Spin Intermediate

2nd Place

Paige A – Open Silver

Augusta P – Alpha

McKenzi W – FS4

Morgan B – FS5

Ashley H – FS6

Paige A – Solo Compulsories

Anna B – Solo Compulsories

Hannah H – Solo Compulsories

Riley S – Solo Compulsories

Morgan B – Rhythmic Ribbon

Riley S – Rhythmic Ribbon

Ashley H – Rhythmic Ball

Andrea S – Rhythmic Ball

Lexie S – Rhythmic Ball

Alyssa N – Rhythmic Hoop

Brooke T – Rhythmic Hoop

Anna B – Interp

Haley P – Footwork

Andrea S – Interp

Lexie S – Dramatic Spotlight

Riley S – Character Spotlight

Brooke T – Character Spotlight

McKenzi W – Lt. Ent. Spotlight

Haley P & Brooke T – Couples Spotlight

3rd Place

Morgan B – Solo Compulsories

Kendall B – Solo Compulsories

Brooke N – Solo Compulsories

Alyssa N & Riley S – Jump N Spin Intermediate

Anna B & Ashley H – Jump N Spin High

Brooke N – Open Silver

Anna B – Open Gold

Lexie S – FS4

Hannah H – Rhythmic Ribbon

Brooke N – Rhythmic Hoop

Andrea S – Rhythmic Hoop

Brooke T – Dramatic Spotlight

Brooke N & Lexie S – Couples Spotlight

4th Place

McKenzi W – Solo Compulsories

Kendall B – Rhythmic Ribbon

Alyssa N – Rhythmic Ribbon

Haley P – Rhythmic Ribbon

McKenzi W – Rhythmic Hoop

Riley S – Open Silver

Hannah H – FS2

Breanna R – FS3

Alyssa N – FS4

Brooke N – Interp

Brooke N – Character Spotlight

Riley S – Dramatic Spotlight

5th Place

Kendall B – FS 2

Hannah H – Interp

Alyssa N – Interp

Breanna R – Solo Compulsories

Lexie S – Solo Compulsories

McKenzi W – Rhythmic Ribbon

Hannah H & Breanna R – Jump N Spin Medium

Brooke N & Lexie S – Jump N Spin Intermediate

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