District preliminary levy set to decrease 3.66 percent

By Erica Van Wyhe

The Hills-Beaver Creek School Board has received new information from the state about its 2014 levy.

At the regular School Board meeting Monday, Oct. 14, the board set the new preliminary levy amount at the maximum — $1,289,923.60. This would represent a 3.66-percent decrease over the current levy of $1,338,896.49.

The board had initially taken action to approve a 9.11-percent decrease in the levy, but since the Sept. 23 board meeting, the levy was adjusted to reflect a change in the district’s Adjusted Net Tax Capacity amount. 

Prior to Sept. 30 there was an incorrect calculation in regard to sales ratios used to calculate Adjusted Net Tax Capacity.

As stated in the Superintendent Board report, the state’s calculation for the Adjusted Net Tax Capacity Calculation changed prior to Sept. 30. The OPEB portion is not in error.


This story is a clarification to the Oct. 17 story about H-BC’s preliminary levy. That story reported that the preliminary levy would increase by 3.66 percent when in fact it would decrease by that percentage.

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