Luverne celebrates hot, hot, Hot Dog Night
Hot weather doesn't keep crowds away from 51st annual event
Lori Ehde photo
Leroy “Leroy-Nardo” was a big hit with the crowds in his Ninja Turtle outfit for the beauty pageant. He’s pictured with his companion, Luke Bent, Sioux Falls.

Temperatures hovering at a steamy 90-plus degrees didn’t keep fans from enjoying one of Luverne’s longest running celebrations Thursday, July 25.

The 51st Annual Hot Dog Night drew thousands of people who consumed nearly 15,000 free hot dogs served by participating Luverne merchants.

In addition, they took in some friendly competition among wiener dog racers and Wienerman World Championship triathletes.

There were also Tae Kwon Do demonstrations, Spotlight Dance performances, ice cream, snow cones, kettlecorn, mini-train rides and more.

A steady southwest breeze kept people — and wiener dogs — from overheating, and the evening ended on a high note with DJ music on Main Street.

Wiener Dog Beauty Pageant winners are as follows: In the male category, 5-year-old Vinny Olander, Sioux Falls, took first place. His human companions are Leesa and Jimmy Olander. In the female division, 4-year-old Casey Ray of Sunshine, Sioux Falls, was second. Her human companions are Rhonda and Ryan Gorsia.

Wiener Dog Race results are as follows: Sterling Archer Bond Newman, 1 ½, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, was first, and his close relative, Foxxy Cleopatra Newman, also 1 ½, was second. Their human companion is Grant Newman, Sergeant Bluff. Third-place winner was 8 ½-year-old Cali, Rock Rapids, Iowa. His human companion is Jon Rust.

Hot Dog Fine Arts Contest winners will be announced when those results become available.


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