At Home in Hills, Graphics make everything better.

In the past year the Crescent has added the “Weather Report” to its pages.

It was a great addition for telling the story of our corner of the world. It recaps the highs, lows, rain and snow. Additionally, it marks when the geese head south and when the robins first appear.

A week ago I found out that my anonymous weather reporter keeps very detailed records — going back many years. Suddenly my readers and I had access to some very interesting weather reports. Above is a recap of the weather during the month of April.

The minute I saw this line graph, I wanted to publish it and I plan to start with the month of May.

But the graph for April was very interesting. I wanted to run it for historical purposes. It is worth saying that the ice storm arrived on April 9 and note the lighter color areas are our normal averages. April was anything but average.

We all lived through the ice storm in early April and dealt with the un-springlike temperatures throughout the month but this graph shows just how off the month was.

Enjoy this weather report and look forward to seeing it each month in the Crescent. A color version will be posted online at


Lexi Moore is editor of the Hills Crescent. To reach her email or call 507-962-3561.

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