Quilts on display

Quilting fans should take some time to visit the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Hills. This weekend the church’s quilting group will have 45 quilts on display in the church. These works of art were created by a group of 8 to 10 women who meet on Wednesday mornings in the church basement to create quilts. They donate their quilts to local organizations and graduating seniors from the congregation. This year they have 12 seniors, who each selected which quilt they wanted to keep. While the quilts are on display, visitors can purchase them for $35 each. They do this quilt blessing twice a year — in April and around Thanksgiving. The group uses the money earned to purchase rolls of batting material. The rolls they purchase give them enough material to make 27 quilts. The fabric for the quilts is donated by people in the community. Last year the group of 10 women made 149 quilts. What didn’t sell was donated to Lutheran World Relief, Mano A Mano in Bolivia, Project Love, Southwest Youth Services, Southwest Crisis Centers, Shetek Lutheran Bible Camp Quilt Auction, Children’s Inn, The Banquet and Salvation Army.  Anyone interested in the art of quilting, regardless of church affiliation, is welcome to join the fun from 9:30 to 11 a.m. on Wednesday mornings.

Left to right, Nancy Bekedam, Peggy Goettsch, Lois Nelson, Kathryn Erickson, Grace Wassenaar and Susanna Bekedam.

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