Rauk’s Hilltop Stop to Partner With ‘Local’

Rauk’s Hilltop Stop will soon partner with Local, a new convenience store brand created and trademarked by Howes Oil Company of Sioux Falls. 

Every store that joins Local will be identified by a hometown zip code, making Rauk’s Hilltop Stop the Local Zip 56116.

Local will offer convenience store owners competitive flexibility and the ability to remain strong supporters of their local communities without costly requirements of a national brand, according to Howe’s Oil Company owner Andy Howes.

“Minnesota’s backbone is its locally owned and operated businesses, many of which are second and third generation convenience stores,” Howes said. 

“The goal of Local is to help these family-run businesses not only remain competitive for future generations, but also continue to be strong supporters of their local communities.”

The current “Shell” signage will be replaced by the Local Zip 56116 brand, and Howes said the changeover, weather permitting, will be March 28.

Other c-stores throughout South Dakota and Minnesota are joining up with Local, and customers at each store will be offered a free cup of coffee and gift (while supplies last) during the week that the Local sign goes up.

“We’re excited to be partnering with the Rauks,” Howes said, “and appreciate the opportunity to give consumers options to keep supporting their local economy. That’s our number one goal: to keep it local.”

Chad Rauk is the co-owner of Rauk’s Hilltop Stop.

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