‘A Little Murder Never Hurt Anyone’ tickets still available

Last weekend a small cast dazzled fans during the Hills Community Theatre production of “A Little Murder Never Hurt Anyone.” The play involves a husband and wife, played by Brad Bosch and Brandy Forshey, who make a fated New Year’s Resolution that involves trying to kill one another. Unfortunately, others lose their lives in the couple’s many failed attempts at murder. Trying to figure out why there are so many deaths at the hotel is a nosy detective played by Gerald Bundesen. Meanwhile, and within the chaos of murder attempts, young lovers played by Mark Top and Noreen Javner are planning their wedding. The cast is rounded out by the often humorous antics of the butler, a role Jim Harsma fills wonderfully. The group performs three more times this weekend, beginning Thursday night and ending Saturday. For tickets to the dinner theater, contact Nancy Kraayenhof at 507-962-3411. The meal is served at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m.

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