Aprons are like volunteers
Apron-themed luncheon prompts poignant memories of once-essential kitchen attire
Lori Ehde photo
Mary Jane Brown's Janice Fick holds the microphone for Marguerite Hoh, who describes this apron that was worn by her grandmother on Sundays.

Staff, residents and families of Mary Jane Brown Good Samaritan Center honored their faithful volunteers Thursday afternoon, March 14, with a festive spring luncheon that featured aprons as the central theme.

MJB Activities Director Janice Fick spoke about how aprons are like volunteers. "Aprons tell a story," she said. "They're about hospitality, serving others, practicality and protection ... Their hard work parallels the story of you, the volunteers."

The event encouraged participants to bring or wear aprons that hold special meaning to them, and many shared personal memories associated with the family treasures.

Mary Jane Brown honored volunteers of the year were Ed and Joan Salzer. Fick said the Salzers are known for their hard work and dedication, in addition to their pleasant dispositions.

"They keep things light-hearted and fun," Fick said. "They enjoy cheering people up."

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