District to send letter explaining suit, bond

In what appears to be one of the final steps in closing the door on the Hills-Beaver Creek High School building project, School Board members decided to send an information letter to all district landowners.

The letter details the history of the lawsuit Gil Haugan filed against the district in U.S. District Court in June 2012.

It also explains the settlement agreement of $465,000 that was reached on Feb. 4, 2013.

The final paragraph explains the need for the district to obtain a judgment bond and why that bond exceeds the amount decided in the settlement agreement.

“The actual amount of the judgment bond will be approximately $485,000. It cannot be greater than that amount but it may be less,” the letter states. 

“The bond’s proceeds will be distributed as follows: The judgment in the amount of $465,000 will be paid in full, with approximately $20,000 remaining to cover expenses associated with administering the sales of the bonds. Payment of the bonds will be spread out over a period of 23 years.”

Per their agreement with Gil Haugan, the board members make a point in the letter to note that the financial suits had nothing to do with the “craftsmanship of the building.”

The letter includes a preliminary tax impact schedule demonstrating the approximate tax impact on property owners.

Superintendent Todd Holthaus said he hopes to have the letter in the mail late this week.


Patriot Pride

The board congratulated students on a variety of achievements.

The Knowledge Bowl Team placed first, qualifying to move onto the regional competition. Members of the team were Dalton Bass, Stuart Plimpton, Braden Ellingson, Billy Horsman and John Luze. H-BC Team II missed qualifying by one point.

They also recognized Jeff Sandbulte for scoring his 1,000th point as an H-BC Patriot basketball player.

Holthaus noted it was on his last shot of his last game.


In other board news:

•The reading curriculum team met for a textbook review of the Wonders reading curriculum. This area of study was up for review last year, but funds were not available to purchase new materials.

The committee plans to make a recommendation to the board this year with implementation next school year.

•A worker from Gil Haugan was at the high school to work through a punch list as determined by the settlement. Most repairs/replacements were made. One more fix in the commons area will be done during Easter break.

•The district purchased a year subscription to Survey Monkey, an online company specializing in format and tabulating data form surveys.

Holthaus plans to use it to evaluate administration performance.

•The building committee will meet to discuss the process for determining the future of unused buildings currently owned by the district. 

Holthaus explained the district needs to determine if the buildings are “surplus,” and if so, the process of liquidating them can begin. He said it was far more involved than just putting a “for sale” sign in the lawn.

•Thomas Gluf and Chris Harnack will share the position of assistant track coach under head coach Rex Metzger. They will split the coaching schedule and the $2,200 pay.

•Upcoming dates to remember include Winter Awards Banquet at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 19, and the H-BC FFA Annual Banquet is Thursday, March 21.

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