Burgers accepts Hills City Council appointment

The Hills City Council appointed Hills resident Stacen Burgers to fill the vacant council seat.

Burgers accepted the appointment and was sworn in during the Feb. 12 meeting.

He will serve on the council through 2014 at which time he would have to be elected to the seat during the general election in November.

His appointed seat was vacated when Keith Elbers resigned from the council to take up his elected position of mayor.

Burgers was employed as the Hills Public Works officer from January 2010 to Spring 2011.


Council explores Rez

water project

Discussions continued regarding a project to bring rural water to Rez Park. Public Works officer Eric Harnack presented a bid from Leuthold Plumbing. The bid came in around $12,500. Harnack warned it was an estimate with several unknowns still in place.

The council confirmed that Rock County Rural Water still intended to waive the hook-up fee.

Councilman Brad Berkhof said he would contact someone at the BNSF Railway Company regarding the possibility of bringing the water under the railroad tracks.

The council has explored this option in the past and determined it was both too expensive and had too many long-term financial obligations.

Berkhof said he would check into it again.


In other council business:

•Hills city ordinance regarding junk vehicles will be amended to mirror an ordinance used in Luverne. This will allow the city to remove vehicles if the homeowner fails to comply with city ordinance.

•A hazardous waste drop-off is being scheduled for Hills from 4 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8. The drop-off will be at the city shop. Look for details in city advertising and on their website.

•The council approved a building permit for the Tuff Memorial Home. The permit allows the construction of a 14-by-14-foot addition to house a freezer.

•Again the council instructed Harnack to make arrangements to burn the tree pile at the city’s compost area. Previously scheduled attempts have been postponed due to unfavorable winds from the south.

•The council asked Harnack to purchase potash to put on sidewalks on Main Avenue.

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