PTO kicks off spring fundraiser


Are you looking to stock your freezer with sweet treats? You won’t have to look very hard.

Students at the Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary School kicked off the Parent Teacher Organization winter fundraiser on Monday.

They are selling frozen cookie dough and puffins until the campaign closes on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Product pickup is scheduled for Friday, March 8.

The PTO announced the fundraiser last week and plans to use the proceeds to fund elementary field trips this spring.

The PTO is committed to funding projects and equipment at the elementary school.

In the past three months they have approved purchases for iPads in the kindergarten and first-grade classrooms and provided ice cream sandwiches for all students on the 100th day of school.

They have also pledged to pay the transportation costs to and from the Luverne Aquatics Center for swimming lessons. This is offered to grades three through six.

They are providing transportation for the third- and fourth-grade classes to attend the South Dakota Symphony in April.

It is the second year they will be funding the fifth- and sixth-grade trip to the Minnesota State Capitol and museum.

The board approved a $2,500 purchase of “switch” ports for elementary computers.

The PTO is made up of volunteer members. The next general membership meeting is Tuesday, May 7.


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