Exchange State Bank honored for community involvement

The Exchange State Bank in Hills is among a group of banks recognized for community involvement in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA) recently recognized 21 Minnesota banks for their community involvement, and among them was the Exchange State Bank. 

It was the first year the MBA has recognized banks for their community involvement.

To qualify for the award, all four bank branches had to tally up their donations both financially and in volunteerism.

Bank president Tim Plimpton said this included his employees’ involvements on various boards, whether civic, church or community-based.

Plimpton said, “Our goal when employees start with us is their family — we want them to participate in their families’ activities.”

He went on to say that the more coaches, volunteers, church board members and community organizers that work at the bank, the better the bank.

Plimpton said the bank employees are proud of receiving the honor.

“We like to be a silent partner in the community — we want groups to come to us for help. It is a big deal to be involved, yet it is not a big deal to be recognized,” he said.

“However, this award is special — it tells me we are doing something right.”

During his time with the bank he has seen tremendous growth, which gives the bank more opportunity to help in the community.

He said the bank is committed to helping with a wide variety of community events and programs. They are regular donors in area school districts — providing funds for both classroom expenses and sponsoring special events.

They sponsor annual golf tournaments, parades, community meals and athletic events.

This year when the Hills Community Club stepped down from planning the Hills Costumer Appreciation night, the bank stepped in and both planned and funded the event.

Plimpton says he enjoys being able to give back, whether with donations or time.

“It is about our customers — they are good to us; we want to be good to them and their families.”

The Exchange State Bank was one of 21 banks who together worked with hundreds of organizations in their communities, providing funding, volunteers, materials, supplies, or food for their neighbors. 

Collectively the banks volunteered more than 180,000 hours and more than 1,800 employees participated. 

Recipients of the recognition range in size from small community banks to large banks with multiple branches.

Locally the Exchange State Bank has helped fund the Hills Sidewalk Project, Fireworks at the Rez and several Education Week meals at Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary.

Recipients are recognized with a certificate and at the MBA Bank Day at the Capitol event Feb. 5 in St. Paul.

The Minnesota Bankers Association is the state’s largest trade association devoted exclusively to the representation of commercial banks. The MBA was founded in 1889 and represents 95 percent of Minnesota’s chartered banks.

The MBA is proud to support our member banks as they work to ensure vital communities throughout the state. For more information, please visit our website at

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