80 acres in Martin Township sell for $14,900 an acre

Auctioneer Duane “Stretch” Mulder said 80 acres of land three miles north and west of Hills in Martin Township sold Jan. 25 for $14,900 an acre, falling short of the $16,200 set in 2012.

The auction included the sale of two 80-acre parcels owned by the estate of Erma Schubbe.

The parcel bringing $14,900 per acre was sold to Orlie Aukes and included a grove and an abandoned farmstead, which Mulder thought reduced the sale price a little.

The second 80-acre parcel, purchased by Harley Fransman for $6,320 per acre, included pasture ground.

“We’re probably at a plateau (for land prices) right now,” Mulder said.

“If you had that real good 80, I think it’d still bring on top of $16,000 — especially if they need it for a 1031 (tax) exchange. When that happens, buyers bid until they get it.”

Mulder said there were plenty of bidders at the auction, “But it always comes down to just two.”

Mulder said he doesn’t have any more land auctions scheduled, “But,” he joked, “at our up-coming Beaver Creek household auction, if you want an antique bear trap, we’ve got one.”


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