New year ushers in new council, new fees

The first Hills City Council meeting of 2013 dealt with annual business items.

First on the agenda was swearing in new council member Brad Berkhof and returning councilman Brian Sandbulte.

Berkhof and Sandbulte were elected in November during the general election.

The mayor pro-tem then swore in mayor-elect Keith Elbers.

Elbers held a seat on the council for many years. His now vacant seat will remain open until the council opts to make an appointment.


New fees for 2013

Council members reviewed the city’s list of fees and made the following changes.

Mowing fees were increased to $70 per time plus $30 in labor time.

Street sweeper services increased to $125.

The rate for bulk water increased to $25 per 1,000 gallons. The per-day connection fees will stay the same.

The utility deposit for renters increased to $200. Homeowners will continue to pay $100. A complete fee list is at city hall.

Other city business:

•The water tower is now running off a new automated system. This allows Public Works Officer Eric Harnack to monitor the tower capacity and water pressure off-site from ether a computer or mobile phone.

•The council instructed Harnack to make arrangements to burn the tree pile at the city’s compost area. The council contacted Mueller Pallets several times to request they grind up the pile to use for pallets.

•A building permit was granted to Russ Schuelke to install a 9-by-10-foot overhead door on the west side of the Schuelke Electric building on Main Avenue.

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