Kindergarteners offer turkey tips


Shelly Fischer’s kindergarten students at Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary offer last-minute cooking tips for families preparing a Thanksgiving turkey dinner.


My mom goes to the store in Luverne (the one she always goes to) and buys a turkey. She cooks it by herself while I play with my sister Elizabeth. My mom calls us to dinner and we eat.

Kaitlin Conger


We shoot a turkey from the forest. We bake it on the middle of the stove for one minute. Set the timer to know when it is done. Let it cool off before we eat it up.

Gracie Fagerness




Go to the food store and buy a huge turkey. Cut it and put salt, pepper and barbeque sauce on it, stuff it with corn and then I am going to roast it on a fire. Cook it for 100 minutes. It is done when it starts to turn black. Put corn, mashed potatoes and spinach around it, add more salt and pepper and put whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Mazzi Moore


We find the biggest turkey from outside the house and catch it with our hands. Take off the feathers and put it on the stove for 25 minutes at five degrees. Put corn in the pot with the turkey. You know it is done when smoke comes out. Then you cut it up and eat it for Thanksgiving.

Beau Bakken

We hunt a big turkey with my dad and Calvin (brother). Cook it on a grill for three hours. We eat it with salt.

Ethan Erickson




First we go to a farm and get a turkey. We bring it home to cook. We have to take the bones out, wash it and put it in a warm oven for two minutes. We cut it up and eat it with some corn.

Lexxus Wessels




We hunt a colorful turkey in the jungle. Put it in a truck and bring it home. Put it in the oven for 16 hours at 20 degrees. It is done when the oven beeps. We cut it up and eat it.

Abby Baker




We get a turkey from someone’s barn. Dad pulls the feathers off the turkey. We put it in a really hot oven with chocolate for five to six minutes. Take it out when done and cut it. Than we pull the eyeballs out and eat him.

Bailey Wildeboer


Get a turkey at the store, cut it up and cook it in the microwave for five minutes. Then cook it in a pan for four minutes. Put mashed potatoes and gravy on it and cook it in a pot on the stove for five minutes. Put it on a plate and eat it.

Caiden Beeck



Go to the forest, find a turkey and bring it home. Cook it in a warm oven with some vegetables — corn and tomatoes. We check on it to see if it’s hot. Take it out of the oven and eat it.

Harli Rozeboom




First I would find a turkey at a farm. Take out its eyes because I don’t want to eat the eyes. Cook it on a campfire with a stick. Then I would eat the turkey legs.

Xavier McKenzie



Get a turkey from my grandma’s farm — she has already killed two. I would get two. I would cook it in the oven for 80 minutes at 299 degrees. It’s done when the oven beeps. Mom would cut it up and we would eat it.

Emma Deelstra



Get a turkey from the refrigerator in the kitchen. Stick two bones it. Put it in a pan in the hot oven for 15 minutes. Take its temperature to make sure it is hot and eat it up.

Lukas Hubbard




Find a turkey farm and buy a turkey. Put it in the oven with bread, potatoes and salt. Cook it for two minutes. It is done when it looks burned. We eat it.

Kadence Rozeboom


Go to the turkey store, put it in the oven. It is done when it beeps. We cut it up and eat it.

Isabella DeBoer



We go to the pet store to get a turkey. We bring it home and cook it on the stove for 24 minutes. When it’s done we eat it with mashed potatoes.

Blake Leenderts



We get a turkey at the farmer’s barn or a farmer’s market. We cut it, remove the eyeballs, fur, feathers and sticky up things. Put it in the microwave for six minutes. Check the temperature, it should be 64 degrees. Take it out, mix up some soup, add turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots and chicken and it’s done.

Ethan Gallagher


We use a net to get a turkey from a petting zoo. We put salt, pepper and butter on it and bake it at 60 degrees for one hour. It’s done when you hear the beep. We pull it out, cut it up and eat it.

Max Schuelke



We go to the turkey farm, catch a turkey with a rope. Cook him in the oven for two minutes. Cut him up and eat him.

Talon Steensma




We go to the turkey farm find a turkey and kill it. Then we cut off its head and put it in the oven at 113 degrees for five minutes. It’s done when the oven beeps. Take it out and eat it.

Ashton Taubert




Go to grandpa’s farm; catch a big turkey with our hands. Add salt and bake in the oven for three minutes. It’s done when it starts to smell good. We cut it up and then we eat.

Jack Moser




Go to Walmart and buy a turkey. Bring it home and take the plastic off. Cook it in a really hot oven for 25 minutes. When it dings, it’s done. My dad cuts it up and we eat.

Tara Ackerman



Go to my Grandpa LeRoy’s farm and shoot a big turkey. Cook it on a stove for five minutes. Cut it up, add seasonings and salt. That’s all — we eat.

Sawyer Bosch




Go to the turkey store and pick a brown turkey. Go home, put salt and pepper on it then cook it in the oven at 200 degrees for 25 seconds. It is done when the oven beeps. Take out the bones, chop it up and eat it.

Jamesyn Klosterbuer



Find a turkey in the woods and grab it. Go home, clean the turkey, put it in a really hot oven for 10 minutes. When the oven beeps, it is done. Then we cut it up and eat it.

Gracie Wilhelmi




Go to the farmer’s barn and buy a turkey. Chop off the head. Bake it in the oven for 22 hours at 200 degrees. Put food with it. When the timer goes ding, it is done. We take off the legs, put the bones in the garbage and eat it.

Quintyn Volden 


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