Not this turkey Farmer Brown
Students in Angie Blosmo’s class are (front row, left to right) Shaun Swenson, Journey Dwire, Aliyah Stoltenberg, Josey Klosterbuer, Leslie Salazar, (middle row) Ethan Kruger, Drew Leenderts, Taylor Durst, Karlee Baker, Danette Leenderts, Liam Raymon, Sean Elbers, Brayden Mirth (back row) Max Scholten, Taylor Dolphin, Kenadie Fick, Ty Bundesen, Cole Baker, Mason Wilhelmi and Casey Kueter.

Teachers Nicole Fey, Kala Bush and Angie Blosmo asked their students to do a persuasive writing exercise that involved them taking on the role of the Thanksgiving turkey. The turkeys are pleading to be spared by Farmer Brown this Thanksgiving.

If I were a turkey I would wear all red so I could blend in with tomatoes and peppers too.  If the farmer said to his wife, “I’ll go get a turkey,” he wouldn’t be able to see me because he wouldn’t see me! I would be disguised.

Josey Klosterbuer


I think Turkey should first go to the pumpkin patch. Second, he gets a pumpkin and cuts off the top, takes the seeds out, then cuts two holes at the bottom. Next, he takes it home and then gathers some more pumpkins so he has enough to make a patch. Then he gets into the pumpkin he cleaned out and moves around the patch. When the farmer comes Turkey stops and puts his head and feet inside and stays still. The farmer will never find him.

Sean Elbers


There are many ways a turkey can escape the farmer. First, he can hide in the balls or fly to the attic. He could go to the pond and act like a duck and dunk under the water when the farmer comes out. He could go to the deck and get into the hot tub and the mom will think it’s her daughter and say, “You look comfortable!” Then the mom goes to the store and buys a turkey to have for Thanksgiving because they can’t find theirs.

Journey Dwire


I would help the turkey by taking him and painting him like a rooster. It would trick the farmer and he wouldn’t even know it was the turkey. Then the farmer would need to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving. The turkey would still be alive and live until next Thanksgiving Day.

Brayden Mirth


This is how I am going to help turkey. First, I would tell turkey the plan. Then I would tell turkey to go into the chicken’s pen and dress up as one so the farmer doesn’t eat him for Thanksgiving. The color he needs to dress up in is a tan color. The things he needs are cloth, hot glue, scissors, and an orange quacker. This is how he is going to put on his beak and feathers so the farmer won’t see him. This is how I would help turkey not to get eaten on Thanksgiving Day.

Kenadie Fick


The turkey could pretend that he has five kids and a wife. He is taking them to grandpa’s to visit and then never come back! He wouldn’t tell the farmer where he was going. Just pack up and leave and never come back. Or tell him that you are going to New York but you really are not.  

Dannette Leenderts


There are a few ways to escape the farmer. First, you can try to make yourself camouflage by making some camouflage clothing. You could also run away into the cornfield and pretending you already got shot by putting ketchup on. Or, you could try pretending to be sick by putting red dots on your body and whipped cream on your face like you have rabies! Another way you could escape is by climbing a tree. You could get a trampoline and jump into one. The next thing you could try is running away from him and have the farmer try to catch you. You could drink a lot of coffee so he can’t catch you and then hide until Thanksgiving is over! Or, you could just make friends with the farmer.

Max Scholten


If I were a turkey I would pretend to be a mountain lion so I wouldn’t get eaten for Thanksgiving!  I would run as far as I could and never come back. I would run to a different state and find another group of turkey’s to live with for the rest of my life.

Ty Burdesen


Turkey should run from the farm and hide. He could run to the park and hide behind the slide. He should also dress up like a pig so the farmer won’t recognize him.

Leslie Salazar


It is Thanksgiving and you know what that means for a turkey! I will try to help the turkey to not be a turkey dinner so I will try to be a tree with him. That didn’t work because the breeze took all the leaves and sticks off that I glued to myself. Plus, I am not as big and tall as a tree. Next, I’m going to try to make the turkey escape the farm. But that didn’t work either because if an animal escapes other animals give a fuss and then the farmer comes out and puts him in the loft and locks it. Then he would be in trouble! This time I am going to try to call wild turkeys. It didn’t work because wild turkeys have like, no sense of unlocking doors. When I called, some animals made a fuss and the farmer came out five minutes later with a shotgun and shot the wild turkey. The next morning the turkey looked around the loft and he found a chainsaw with a silencer. He picked it up and cut open the barn and he was a free turkey!

Liam Raymon


Turkey should dress like a cow so he can be camouflaged! He can hide in the hay and in the herd of cows. Turkey can eat the leaves in a tree so it will cover his face. He can put his head down and eat grass so the farmer cannot recognize the turkey. That’s how turkey can hide from the farmer!

Cole Baker


I will help turkey get away from thanksgiving dinner by getting my four-wheeler and grabbing the turkey and taking him to my house. I can run him back to the barn and hide him. I can put the farmer to work then I can take the turkey and save him!  

Casey Kueter


This is how I am going to help turkey. First, I would teach him how to be a UPS driver. He would carry a box. He would have a blue shirt and black pants on. Then we would go build a cardboard truck. He would test the cardboard truck out. I would put hot wings in it so I can steer the truck. Last, I would have him go to the house and give them the box of medicine and then he will run away from them to his UPS truck.

Drew Leenderts


If a turkey got trapped the think I would do is go to the farm at 1 a.m. and make a plan with the turkey. Then I would tell him my plan of how to get him out of the cage. The plan would be to put a string on the cage door to the light switch and the farmer will pull the string. Then the turkey would run out of the cage and escape. He would jump into my pick-up truck and then live at my house.

Shaun Swenson


This is my plan for turkey. The one thing you could be is a cat. You just need to have 3 whiskers on each side. You will have to get a lot of orange lines on your back. You could totally pull it off. If the farmer finds you just run way or hide behind a tree.  

Karlee Baker


I think the turkey should just run away until after Thanksgiving so that he doesn’t get cooked. The farm can buy another one to cook instead of you. When you come back let the farmer see you then he will think he bought another turkey for nothing. Then he will have to wait until next Thanksgiving to eat you but that would take forever to get here so you would have a long time to do what you want to do until next year.

Mason Wilhelmi


I could help the turkey escape by disguising him as a robber and escape through the door when the farmer opens it. If that didn’t work then his brilliant idea to be a mailman could work. The farmer wouldn’t notice he was a turkey at all.

Taylor Dolphin


The turkey could dress up as a little girl at Thanksgiving so nobody would eat him. He could make a dress out of flowers and grass. Then hold a bunch of flowers and give the flowers to them and a card with the words “don’t eat turkey’s — they never do anything to you!” After Thanksgiving take off the costume until next year!

Taylor Durst


First, I would try to convince the farmer not to eat the turkey because he isn’t fat enough. But if that didn’t work then I would try to hide turkey in the hay. If that didn’t work then I will sneak the turkey out of the barn before the farmer comes out to get the turkey. I could give ht farmer a different turkey to eat.

Ethan Kruger


This is how I am going to help turkey from being dinner. I am going to dress him in a Josey costume. He will live with Josey and she will have a twin sister, the turkey!

Aliyah Stoltenberg

I need to save my turkey from getting devoured. I will take a black marker and everything will be black. I will take my turkey to the sea. I will take a boat. I will put him on the boat at night. Luckily, I brought pizza. I didn’t want to have my turkey get eaten on Thanksgiving Day. But, I don’t want my turkey getting devoured by any other animals. He could get eaten by a fox, raccoon, coyote or a mountain lion. I will keep him on the boat for one year to keep him safe.

Nathan Kruid


There is no way I am letting my turkey get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner! So I will disguise him as a sheep. I will need a shave and glue so I can shave the sheep and then glue the fluff on the turkey. I headed to the barn to shave the sheep. When I was walking I tripped and it made a big BOOM! Then my dad came out so I quickly hid behind the tree. When he was gone, I came out from behind the tree and went into the first barn. It was so dark! There were no sheep, so they must be in the other barn. They were not, but I found them outside in the pen. They were supposed to be in the barn, so I put them back. But, then the sheep ran away. I finally caught them, shaved them and put all the fluff on my turkey. I put him in the sheep pen. My parents couldn’t find him anywhere, so we had pizza for supper. My plan worked!

Lauren Carver


“Gobble, Gobble!” Am I ever going to hear that sound again? I am going to disguise my turkey because if I let him run away he won’t have anyone to take care of him. I think that my mom and dad are going to be not so delighted with me. They are going to ground me, but it will all be worth it. I am going to disguise him as a green tomato because if he is red, the farmer would pick him. That’s Plan A. I do have a Plan B that is AMAZING! (But, I can’t tell you what it is!) That is how I am going to save my turkey.

Mackenzie Voss


I can’t let my turkey get eaten! He is my favorite farm animal, you know! (Besides horses) So, in the morning when I get the dog into my garage, I will go back outside and chase my turkey in the neighbor’s field. Then I will get a ride to Luverne from my friend, Kenadie, because she’s helping me and I’m helping her. Anyways, she will drop me off at the Luverne airport. Then I will sneak my turkey up with the luggage. While he is on the plane, we drive to where he is going … Big Stone, S.D. That is where my grandpa and grandma live. We are going there for Thanksgiving. My dad is bringing the turkey in a separate car. What a surprise he’ll have! After we get there, my dad roars, “I lost the turkey!” Everyone was surprised! We went to the airport to get my aunt and uncle. While the rest of the family greeted my aunt and uncle, I went and got my turkey. When I got back, my turkey was disguised as a dog. I said I found him wandering around. We kept him. So that night when we went to the refuge, I got out and I let him run free. So that is how I saved my turkey from getting eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sam Moser


I can’t let my turkey get gobbled from my mom and dad and my brother. I am going to dress him up as a baby sheep and ask my mom for pizza. I will clean the house for a week and do the dishes for six weeks. I will also feed the dog every night and put the clothes to the rooms. I will also clean the rooms for a month and feed the fish for a month. I will not have friends over. I hope this helps convince my mom to have pizza instead of my turkey!

Ana Erickson


I can’t let my parents demolish my turkey! My plan is to put a top hat over the turkey so my parents will think our worker dropped his hat on the ground. Days have passed. Well, now it is Thanksgiving and my parents are outside looking for the turkey. I can hear them saying, “Where is the turkey?” They couldn’t find the turkey so we are now having mac and cheese! I can’t complain … at least my turkey is saved!

Tara Paulsen


I can’t let my turkey get eaten! I am friends with that turkey and he’s not getting eaten! I will disguise my turkey as a farmer. I will also make him tall by putting wooden posts under his feet. Then I will put my jeans on him. Plus, I’ll put my shirt on him. It will be really fun! I hope this plan works, though!

Carter Hartz


I love turkeys! I can’t let people all over the world eat them for Thanksgiving!! This is how I’m going to save the turkeys. I’m going to become president. I’ll make a law that nobody can shoot or catch a turkey. If they do they will go to jail. I hope I become president! If I do, I hope people obey the law.

Oliver Deelstra


This is the way I am going to save my turkey from getting eaten. I will wrap it in my new camouflage duct tape. Then in the middle of the night I will sneak out of the house with camouflage clothes. I would dig a hole in the forest. Then I would go into the house in the back door. When I went to bed I thought about my turkey. I didn’t want my turkey to get eaten. I hope my turkey doesn’t get eaten by a fox or something. When morning came I wondered what mom would do if she knew I had the turkey. My cousins were coming for dinner and my mom asked if I would go get the turkey. I asked if she wouldn’t rather have hamburgers instead of a turkey. I told her she could spend more time with us and less time in the kitchen that way!

Weston Kellenberger


I’m out to save the turkey. I think this year I’m going to dress up the turkey. His name is Bob. I think I’m going to be dressing him up as Darth Vader. I just need to use my Halloween costume. Plus, my parents would be scared because he’ll have a light saber. It will probably work. If it does work, I’ll want ribs for supper! … Looks like we’ll be having ribs! I knew it would work. It will be a happy Thanksgiving!

Troy Durst


How can I save my turkey? Mom and dad — why do we have to eat a turkey? We can eat a chicken. Mom you work at a chicken factory! Or we could even grab one in the freezer. We have like 20 in there. They’re really juicy instead of a dried out turkey … gross!

Austin Ripperda


This is how I will rescue my turkey. I will wear a black suit. I will tiptoe to the barn. I will pick one of the turkeys. I will hide him in the bushes. The turkey will run in the mud. I’ll dress him like a pig. He’ll jump in the mud. He’ll be covered with mud. Mud will be everywhere. I will dress him like a pizza man. He will knock on the door.  He’ll ask, “Who wants pizza?” And we’ll have pizza for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Conner VandeVoort


Here is how I will save my turkey from being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. First, I had to get a flashlight and a strong holding bag. Then, I needed dark clothes and maybe a dark hat, too. Finally, I needed tissues. These things helped me save my turkey. So this was my plan to not let my turkey get eaten. First, I got out of bed and put my dark clothes on and a hat. Then, I went to the kitchen table and put the turkey in the bag. Next, I put the tissues on the bottom of my shoes and went to the front door. Then, I stepped on the porch. Oh no! The porch creaked so loudly! Then I saw the light go on. I dashed faster and faster until I got in the backyard. When I got there I hid behind a bush. So I waited for a while until the light went off. Finally, it went off. I was relieved that I could continue my plan. So then I zoomed to my friend’s house and knocked on the door. Nobody came to the door so I snuck in. I saw the kitchen first when I walked in. Then I took the turkey out of the bag and put it in the cabinet. The house looked familiar but I didn’t know whose it was. So I went back to my grandma’s house and went into my bedroom. I took off my dark clothes and put my pajamas on. I thought about how my plan would work. I sure hope the turkey stays quiet!

Tess VanMaanen


How am I going to save the turkey? I decided to ask my mom if we could have the turkey outside. Then I asked her to get the stuff we needed so we could gobble the turkey. When she’s doing that, I ‘m going to let the turkey go! ϑ  I will ask my mom if we can have something else instead of turkey. Then we’ll have mashed potatoes, corn, ham, pumpkin pie and desserts. Plus, I really don’t like turkey!

Dallas Page


I do not want to have my turkey eaten. I’m going to sneak the turkey into my backpack and bring it to school and try out for the football team. On our first game, it might be Thanksgiving night. Then I’m going to have the turkey take my place on the team. Then when the turkey took my spot, my mom will have to order two pizzas. That’s how I’m going to save my Thanksgiving turkey!

Andrew Harris


I am going to save my one and only turkey. When my mom is at work, I will lock the door to my room and hide him in my bed. When she gets home, I will dress him my clothes and ask to go a play. Mom will be surprised when she can’t find the turkey! Once I’m outside … it’s GO TIME! I’ll let the turkey out of my clothes and he’ll sprint away. I’ll ask my mom for an easy meal, like hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Then she’ll be able to spend more time with me and she’ll never eat another turkey again!

Jacob Axness


I’m not letting my parents bite the turkey because the turkey is my friend. At night I will jump out of the window and sneak the turkey into my room.  Then I’ll hide it under my bed.  Then I’ll cover the turkey with a blanket. I hope it sits still! The turkey will be safe under my bed and my mom and dad won’t find the turkey. I don’t want my parents to bite the turkey because he is my best friend. I hope my plan works!

Melanie Salazar


I’m going to save my turkey from my mom! I’ll dress my turkey as a round bale. I’ll make a hole in the middle and stuff the turkey in there. I’m going to hide the bale underground. I’ll dig a hole in the morning before Thanksgiving and disguise the hole as grass. That night I’ll push it in the hole and cover it up with dirt. I’ll get up at midnight and push it in. I’ll be wearing black. In the morning on Thanksgiving Day they will be surprised that they can’t find the turkey! After Thanksgiving Day, I’ll go out and get the turkey. Then I’ll get the bale out and fill the hole back in. I hope my disguise works so my turkey doesn’t get devoured!

    Donavon Leenderts


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