Klein moves back, focused on a lawsuit and writing a biography


Nicholas Klein, Hills, cried when he looked at photographs of his elderly neighbors who were beaten and bruised.

He cried, he said, because knows he’s responsible for the horrific injuries of Bud and Shirley Hoogeveen. 

“I’ve never hit anyone in my life,” said Klein, 38, who was charged with multiple counts of felony assault for their injuries.

“I’ve got a mouth, and I’ve done a lot of yelling,” he said, admitting that there have been 13 years of neighborly disputes between him and the Hoogeveens.

“But I take pride in the fact that it never got physical.”

That is, until the events of Jan. 17, 2011.

On that day, witnesses saw Klein attack his neighbor, Bud, when he drove into his driveway.

Screaming and “foaming at the mouth,” police reports say witnesses saw him open Bud’s pickup door and drag him out of the cab, punching him in the face.

He pounded Bud’s head into the ground while Shirley came running out of the house to come to her husband’s aid — only to have Klein turn on her.

Today, Klein said he himself is shocked to read the facts of the case, and he accepts that he’s the perpetratormentioned in the court documents.


Shared responsibility 

But he’s not ready to accept full responsibility.

A good share of that responsibility, he said, lies with Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls — and he’s filing a medical malpractice suit to prove it.

Through media coverage of the assaults, the facts of the day are widely known.

But what most people don’t know, he said, is that he’d been hospitalized four hours prior to the assaults, and he shouldn’t have been released, given his mental state.

What most people don’t know, he said, is that he himself had been assaulted (and hadn’t hit back) in Sioux Falls on Jan. 16, and a punch to his throat had required intubation.

Sedatives used to perform the procedure adversely reacted with the medications he was already on. “Looking back, I know I was starting to flip out in the hospital,” Klein said.

Specifically, the medications had clear warnings that taking them together could cause agitation, mood altering and even blackouts.

Klein said he had the worst possible reaction. 

In fact, he said the last thing he remembers is the intubation at Sanford.

He said he has no recollection of leaving Sanford or the events that landed him in Avera hospital.

“That’s the next thing I remember,” he said about finding himself in Avera (tethered to his bed) several days after the Jan. 17 assaults.

But the sordid details were quickly provided to him and he’s spent the better part of the last six months as a criminal defendant.


‘Sanford should have never let me go’ 

Now that his criminal case is cleared, Klein said he isn’t wasting time launching his civil suit against Sanford.

In his medical paperwork, the records state that Klein (in what he claims was an altered state) told Sanford personnel he was leaving Jan. 16, against medical advice.

Legally they couldn’t make him stay, but he said policy requires a face-to-face exit interview with a doctor before release.

“Any doctor would have picked up on the fact that I wasn’t right,” Klein said. “Sanford should not have let me leave that hospital.”

As it happened, though, he said he walked out of the hospital, got in his car, drove to his mother’s in Sioux Falls where he stole a bottle of rum and proceeded to his house in Hills.

There, he poured a drink, crushed prescription pills and mixed it all together with liquid Tylenol in what he said was an attempt to end his life.


‘I would have attacked my own grandmother’

Klein said it’s important to note that medical examiners have concluded this concoction, while harmful, had no bearing on the attacks.

Klein said the medical facts of his file clearly state he was already “flipped out,” and on a path of destruction before even drinking the cocktail that he hoped would end his life.

This is according to the mental evaluation presented to the courts, which ended up acquitting him of his charges.

“Doctors said my history with the Hoogeveens had no bearing on the attack,” Klein said. 

“I would have attacked my own grandmother if I had stopped there first … I’m really grateful it wasn’t 3 in the afternoon on a school day, because I might have hurt some kids.”

The arrest report states Klein had tried to attack the home health nurse who was checking in on his grandmother. 

But she locked herself in the car and called for help — witnessing the entire attack on the Hoogeveens while she waited for help to arrive.

Klein said police reports of her accounts describe a man who was out of his mind. 

“It was January. I was wearing jeans and t-shirt and no shoes,” he said. “I was writing in the snow.”


Alford Plea

By the time his mental state had leveled off, he found himself an accused assailant.

“And now I’m going to be known as the man who beat up an elderly couple and got away with it,” Klein said. 

He “got away with it” because on June 29 in Rock County District Court, a judge accepted an Alford Plea. 

The plea is used in cases where the accused doesn’t admit the act, but admits the prosecution would likely prove the charge. It allows the defendant to plead guilty even while not admitting guilt. 

In Klein’s case the judge considered his mental condition — that Klein was “suffering under a mental defect at the time of the incident which made him unable to understand that his actions were wrong” — and accepted the Alford Plea.

The result is that there are no criminal penalties for the assaults, something the Hoogeveens are angry about.

“All the charges are gone because of what the psychiatrist said,” Shirley said in July.


Klein: Neighborly disputes fueled by gay hatred

The fact that Klein is cleared of criminal responsibility for his actions doesn’t mean he’s living free of repercussions.

He said the events of Jan. 17, 2011, are a major setback after what he said has been years of hard work to accomplish something positive with his life.

As an openly gay man living in a small conservative town, Klein said life has been a struggle.

In 1994 he learned he was HIV-positive, and in 2004 he was diagnosed with AIDS.

Believing he didn’t have long to live, he moved from South Beach, Fla., to Hills to be closer to family.

In the years since then, he said he worked hard to improve the property, and recently completed a four-year college degree.

“People who know about the Hoogeveens ask me why I don’t just move,” Klein said. “But I can’t. I have too much invested here. I’m also trapped.”

Meanwhile his health continues to remain stable, but he said his mental health has been compromised by chronic neighborly disputes that he said are driven by gay and AIDs bias.

He said he didn’t want to elaborate on the hatred, because it would take a book.

And that, he said, will be his next project.

“I’m writing a book about all this,” he said about his life as a gay man in Hills, about the assaults and about his current suit against Sanford.

“I’m putting it all down and I’m naming names.”

Klein’s suit against Sanford is not yet filed, but he said he is currently working with attorneys who are studying the case. 


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31 comments on this item

Perhaps Mr. Klein should realize that hitting is not the only way to physically attack someone. Biting a different neighbor in a separate "neighborly dispute" several years ago, fully knowing he was HIV positive, was a physical attack, yet, he states that he takes pride in the fact that it never got physical. Are these the kind of lies that will be contained in Mr. Kleins book? Who is Mr. Klein going to try pin his transgressions on? Is he going to blame the Hoogeveens? Is he going to blame every other neighbor and citizen of Hills, Mn? Is he going to blame Sanford health? Is he going to blame the person who punched him in the throat, which landed him in the hospital in the first place? If Mr. Klein has enough smarts to earn a 4 year degree, maybe he should have enough intelligence to realize that the Hoogeveens are not the problem, other neighbors are not the problem, and the citizens of Hills are not the problem. The problem lies within Mr. Klein, his inability to exist in peace with his neighbors and his fellow citizens. I live on the same street, and for years, Ive seen law enforcement vehicles countless times at the Klein residence, Ive heard his screaming and profanity laced rants, meanwhile kids are out playing and riding bikes nearby. Ive witnessed the vulgar language Mr. Klein spray painted on his own house in retailation for yet another "neighborly dispute". Mr. Klein is not trapped into his property ownership in Hills, MN. Im sure if he put his property up for sale, there would be a buyer. It certainly would put the neighborhood more at ease, knowing that people dont always have to be looking over their shoulder, wondering when the next incident will occur. Mr. Kleins lifestyle and health are his own personal business, yet he chooses to use them as excuses to validate is violent, disrespectful and hateful behavior. But, if Mr. Klien wants to write a book and overlook these obvious truths, Ill give it a read. I wonder if my name will be in there.

Ourtown94 is referring to the time Julie Miller was harassing me by stalking me. When I come up to her door to tell her she had officially been invited to, what she said she was not going to get into [harassing me], a situation she was not going to get involved in. Julie Miller threatened to shoot me with a gun, called me faggot and was shaking her finger at my face and when she had tapped/hit my lip with her finger, so I bit it to get it out of my face. So make out of it what you will. As for Alvin or "Bud Hoogeveen. Just to name a few things...I heard him kill two of my kittens at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday two summers ago, he lied in court to the judge during a property dispute to steal land from me, by which he created the problem when him and his wife Shirley Hoogeveen sold property 30 years go. I have had Doug Hoogeveens oldest son break glass all over my yard as a young kid, I have had feces thrown at my kitchen window, I have had repeated damage done to my landscaping, rocks/boulders thrown all over my yard "all spring.summer long," I have had a window shot out, I video taped Julie Miller stealing my windmill top from my property and when I gave the police department a copy of the tape [which they still have], they told me that was not enough proof. Shirley Hoogeveen threatened to spray poison in my face when I confronted her about throwing debris on my yard, and I called Evan the Sheriff in Luverne, he flat out told me he was not going to do anything and refused to even send me a blank statement to file a complaint. These are just a few of the things I have went through. Across the street I have complained several times about the collection of noise and junked out cars and such which is not only a city ordinance but also a state law MN Statute 561.1. The city of Hills says its the polices responsibility to enforce it, the police says its the cities responsibility, and the last time Even was here [the Sheriff] He told me that he had told the Schouwenburg that is was okay to have the junk here...yet just last week they enforced the same kinda junk to be removed for on someone else property. I have had crap done to me every year for 13 years since I lived here, except 2004 when I was facing death. The police turn their back on me, the City of Hills turned there back on me. And now the town/city of Hills hates me [in general many do]. A few years ago the Hoogeveens were told to remove chickens from their property in town, and now yet again...they have chickens, here still today over a week after being told to get rid of them, a second time. The Hoogeveens and Schouwenburgs who are related surround me on 3 sides and think they are above the law, and the police department and city of Hills officials seem to be backing this problem up. What about my rights to live in a quite neighborhood where I don't have to live in fear of constantly being harassed. What about my Rights??? And ourtown94 wants to say I swear outside with kids around, yet the Schouwneburgs swear all the time outside....its always okay to be one sided in the treatment of residents in this neighborhood...and I seem to get the short end of the deal most everytime.

By the way, trying to associate having HIV and biting, or even kissing for that matter does not pose any risk of catching HIV unless I had blood in my mouth at the time. And as for law enforcement being here several times...your right, I have called them likely dozens of times over 13 years too for one reason of harassment or another -- with no real action taken on my behalf to remedy the problems...as it continued still. As for vulgar language painted on my house, I told the current mayors wife at the the time I was going to paint on my house as I had come to my wits end for all the rocks being thrown all over my yard. And if you want to tell everyone what vulgarities I wrote instead of making it look worse that it was: tell them. I spelled it wrong [one word] to refrain from being blatant about it. The mayors wife told me if it make you feel better do it, and she told me that in a very favorable way. I am pleased to say I never had another rock thrown on my yard after that. EVERYTIME I mowed I had to remove rocks.

One of many worst things happen last year. Shirley Hoogeveen filed two faules police reports to have me put in jail...I have a witness to one of those times.

Mr. Klein, you can throw blame around all that you want, But, the court appointed shrink is a fool to let you be in proximity to the folks that you brutally assaulted. Your excuses are no longer accepted in this community and this war you have created is your own. Nobody cares anymore. You should just move and go on your peaceful way. I say this, not in hatred, but in interest of never wanting to see another news article involving this whole situation. Please consider everyone involved and realize, you hold the key to resolution. I hope you do the right thing.

I'll be living here a very long time...I have a vested interest in my property and will be here and so will my soon-to-be boyfriend. So get use to it.

This hatred started with the Hoogeveens, and the timeline of events and the latest Jan 2011 issue makes this a remarkable experience. I have been pondering how to avoid the Hoogeveens for years; but now it is more expansive. It really comes down to this: Those who hated me before -- still hate me, those who know me -- still stand behind me. I have decided to approach this as if I was living in a big city. Where you don't know your neighbors, you do your own things and hope people stay out of your business if they have a problem with you. I'm not going to worry about a few haters. Just like big city life -- you don't usually know your neighbors, and you don't try to either. The only true worrisome issue is how the police department turned there back on me [like the city counsel in Hills] and feeling left to defend for myself and recent event that unfolded have left me labeled and ignored -- just like I said before....Shirley Hoogeveen threatened to spray poison in my face and the Sheriff said he was not going to do anything about it. What happens if I get stabbed, shot, or other emergencies...will they even come to my add? It's a serious question I have to wonder about.

I dont need to get used to anything about you. Its not my care or interest to get used to anything about you. You think you are a victim. Well, your not the only victim. Its not all about you. You could have killed them folks, and you dont emit remorse, you just blame.

hey nick remember peeing on a dog this past winter??? who are you going to blame that one on?

cried when he saw the pictures sorry but i think im going to call bs on this one. This is not the first time he has threaten to kill some one and maybe he should think before he acts. Since he does live right next to a day care. He is a threat to the little kids and im sure they have herd many swear words come out of nicks mouth. Its to bad that the day care has to be right next to a sick man who cant control his temper

i think you Mean aid not add hmm much like the time you painted on your own house and spelt throw wrong. You put swear words on your house nick if thats not harassment i really do not know what is. You should probably go to college for another 4 years.

That is a flat out lie about peeing on a dog -- flat out lie. And I'm not going to go on with what you think or what you heard, or what you think you heard. You and most everybody still doesn't know the whole story -- which is why I am writing a special chapter in my book about it. Why dont you ask the Hoogeveens who had electric shock therapy because her mind was shattered when she was locked up in a mental institution? I could go on; but it's ALL going to be in the book. I hope to have it published in 2012. I'm over the lies and the rumors about what I have been through with the Hoogeveens in 13 years. I tried to work myself into the community but as a result of the January incident it has proven to be impossible...so I will just live my life and not really care anymore. Hate comes in many forms. Anyone remember the old man who hung himself in his garage and left a note about how unfriendly this town was and he cant take it anymore. And the times the people of an ethnic background have been run out of town. When I went to school in this town I remember the black family who moved into town. The one guy who was in my grade/or close to my grade [hard to remember it has been a long time] they were harassed so much they had to move away. My point is: hatred and treating people unfairly run not only with my neighbors but this town in general. I have to look at the broader picture on all this. It is what it is, and I really don't care about that anymore. I'm just going to live my life like a big city -- you don't care about what people think, you just live your life the best you can and hopefully they wont make it a mission to destroy your life because of hate.

yea its a lie? when i have seen the pictures and even the sheriff said you were trying to cover it up bravo nick bravo

Nick for the last time it not because you are gay it because you are messed up in the head that is why no one likes you. so stop acting like its because your gay its not because there is another gay couple living in hills and no one is harassing them its because they dont go out screaming and yelling at people for no reason and you know how you yelled at your neighbor with the daycare for writing comments about this story well she not the one who commented so if i where you i would go apologize nick

oh yea and have fun writing your big book of lies

nick the rock btw where from you smashing your boulders in your yard so dont blame it on someone else. i believe some people have better thing to do than throw rocks in some ones yard

Yelled at my neighbor for writing comments...what the heck is your problem....you lie. And I'd like to see that gay couple live next door to the Hoogeveens. It is obvious either your one of the Hoogeveens commenting....if not, then you are a very close associate to them. And those smashing rocks -- lets lead them away from the truth a little bit more. And I hope Doug Hoogeveens stops spying on me through the trees in my yard too...it's a little eerie to me and gives me a bad feeling. And as for the Shirley and Alvin [Bud] not having a problem with me being gay and HIV+, then I guess her repeated harassment's about being having AIDS were for nothing. Need I remind anyone...since the 1960's everyone who has lived in my house which is 6 different residents...ALL HAD PROBLEMS WITH THEM. I'm not the one who went through addiction problems and had treatment at Keystone either; that will be in the book to. I'm going to be seeing a therapist for sometime after all this...court ordered or not...put yourself in my shoes: I know all the information of what happen, how it happen, and have had to see about a dozen licensed mental evalutators/therapist and the like. It was not just one therapist who said I was not a threat...ALL OF THEM DID. This has been the worst experience I have ever had to go through...you'd be seeing a therapist too if you were me. Even knowing all that I know about this tragic event in January: I can't hardly believe it either. And YES, I did cry, and I was not even told fully what I did till I seen the pictures almost 2 weeks after it happen. I broke down bad -- I was caught off guard and could not believe it when I seen the pictures. It was very scary to see that it happen. I will forever in my life talk about how incredible this situation is/ or was as time passes. It's astonishing that someone could be allowed to show signs of being not right in the hospital...and allowed them to leave the hospital. I pulled off the heart monitor equipment and such, and once I left, all the phone calls I made [which I don't remember any of them] were quite scary to people and made little sense. There were plenty of people standing around when I was shown the pictures. They seen me fall apart. I'm glad I don't remember the the attack, the pictures are haunting enough, I can imagine how traumatic it would be if I could remember the attack. So the people who have any interest in this and hate me and judge me for it...I can understand why to some degree they have a hard time understand it [but it is no excuse to not take the time to understand it a little better and spread more hate and fear when it is unnecessary]; I'm smack dab in the middle of all the information and 7 months later I still can't accept it. I know the facts; but it still disturbing that it happen. And it is the fault of the doctors at Sanford. There is enough information in the nearly 300 pages while at Sanford for a day and a half that should have raised concern about just letting me out like they did. The Monday morning that I left, they just told my sister I had to be there another 5 days in critical care. I have allot of questions yet...and I may never have all the answers.

I grew up in Hills, and lived in the same spot Nick Klein is currently livin in, and know that the Hoogeveens have had problems with their niehbors ( unless they are related to them ). The Hoogeveens have had problems with almost all their nieghbors, includin the Johnston's ( which has lasted for at least 27 yrs ). The Hoogeveens have killed many nieghbors pets and got away with it. The Hoogeveen's have caused many problems for people living in Hills for years. I've witnessed and have personally have had to call the cops because of their harrasment to have had nothing done about it. Nick Klein did not start this "war" it was already going when he moved into his house in Hills. It sounds to me like to make it a nice peacefull neighborhood like the problem lays in the lap of the Hoogeveens. Nick Klein is in No Way a threat to his community or the children in it. So he may have cursed when cheldren have been outside, but I'm sure hes not the only person to do that, so to point that out is kind of childish. To say the least, if I had to go through everything that Nick Klein has from the Hoogeveen's and some of his other neighbors.... well he has handled it better than what I would have over the years. Big deal he has painted stuff on his house.. It's the USA- Freedom of Speech. If you were in his shoes I bet there would have been worse things happen than words painted on your house. If you people don't want any more news articles about this or Nick Klein you are talking to the wrong person, you need to be talking to the Hoogeveens and tell them to quite harrassing their neighbors and quite filing false police reports. They have always been the problem no matter who you are living next to them, they have had a problem with everybody who has lived in that house or next to them on the other side. Tell the Hoogeveens to quite killing neighbors pets too just for fun. Maybe you all should just stay out of other peoples business and worry about your own - talking to everybody in Hills and Luverne. Maybe then there cann be peace all around.

Brandeejoy, I think you are a made up person. But, If your legit, I hope you and Nick Klein will colaberate on this pending book. Sounds like you share common ground. Should be interesting reading. I am done with this thread, and will not post anymore. I have said my piece. I hope all parties know their responsibility, and hope all responsible parties find a way to live in peace and discontinue their atrocious behavior. Sounds to me like they ALL need to grow the heck up.

nick you must be paranoid because im pretty sure people have better thing to do than spy on you. Nick i really doubt you know about stuff from before you were born how could you possibly know anything about this and what would keystone have to do with any of this. From what you are saying i would have to say you are the one spying on the Hoogeveens. And (Brandeejoy) is probably Nicks sister sticking up for him and you think it would be haunting for you to remember just think about the to elderly people who do remember it! think it does not haunt them? And im sure there still haunted by you, and are scared you might do it again. Nick lets try not to think of our selfs as the victim, and about the people you did and have traumatized.

Its seem no other neighbor are currently having a problem with the Hoogeveens the daycare seem fine with them.

killing neighbors pet for fun im sure is a complete lie!

I only wish that I am lying about killing pets, but they most have fun in it as many as they have killed over the last 20 years. Well maybe them being scared and taught them a lesson and they will realize their wrong doing and maybe it was just charma coming back to bite them in the butt for all the horrible things they themselves do to others. I agree completely that the Hoogeveen's have a lot of growing up to do... the whole family! Nick Klein doesn't have to spy.. they make it to obvious that they are spying, all you have to do is look out a window and see them watching Nick Klein and his house, so I don't think I would call that anything but a fact. I've seen it myself many times. Maybe it's all you that really need to get you facts correct before pointing fingers. It must have been pretty clear to the court system that Nick Klein is no harm or danger to anyone. They must have got all the facts unlike some others who like to try to harrase somebody for no real reason.

Everything has been fine since Nick has moved into Hills MN he has just caused problems from the start i say get him out of here

Everything has been fine since Nick has moved into Hills MN he has just caused problems from the start i say get him out of here

No, that's not true -- the Hoogeveens have hated on 6 different residence in my home since 1960's....EVERYONE of them. And many people in town have told me their feelings are there is too much drinking of alcohol down in that family. I'd have to agree from the many times Shirley yelled or tried to phony up ant try and talk to me -- I can smell booze on her breath. How many of her family are going to have to die from DUI before they realize it's a problem. And if the Hoogeveens are having "more" intense mental problems by me living here, I would suggest getting some counseling help. Their hatred has been very apparent to me over the years and look where it brought us. Why would anyone want to live a life full of hatred and emotional baggage and not ask for help. When things get tough -- the strong ask for help with a counselor. I feel bad Shirley let her life be filled with such internal fighting -- lashing out at me and others. I have seen it with the Hoogeveens, and with many other older people: afraid to admit wrong (and) afraid to ask for help with a therapist. [I don't think I need to express why society made them [elderly and unchanging generation that follow their like-mindedness] feel that way -- that is some of the teaching I want to do in my book] But not getting a grip on your emotions can tear a neighborhood in half. It really is a pity to look down the past road on the Hoogeveens life -- even how Shirley's mother treated her dad [from what I have been told.] You either repeat the behavior or you break the cycle. I'm for breaking the cycle and learning from past experiences and the problems of others. It's too bad that the harassment I experienced over the 13 years made it impossible to get a grip on as it continued yearly, my HIV meds that caused me even more intense emotional stressors until we found out the cause and changed those meds over a year ago [unfortunately that caused me to receive some labels -- to be put on me without knowing the full truth of it]. I was incredible thankful to my inpatient therapy as a result in January 2011. I learned I was not as depressed as I thought, how directly affected I was by the whole Hoogeveen family and a little CBT made me understand how not to take their problems with me so personal. It is just who they are in life -- and not entirely the fault of who I am being Gay/Bi or HIV+. I also learned not to judge myself through the eyes or the world, churches, communities, laws like the ones in this country and others that tell me I should be treated less than equal. Not to judge myself by people like the Hoogeveens, and other hate groups. So intead of looking at myself from the outside inward -- I learned to look inside out. And January may have been filled with alot of hopelessness; but it was also a time of intense understanding how thing came to be, what they are, and how to cope. I can thank Avera for giving me my life back inside of myself -- and I can thank Sanford hospital staff for ruining my life for all I worked for these past 5 years. It is next to impossible for me to find work with all the publicity that this case has brought me. But when life gives you lemons -- make lemon-aid. My lemon-aid is my up and coming book: "EVERYTHING CHANGES" ....a title I have had for over 10 years, maybe even close to 20. BTW: concerned citizens -- I have been writing stuff down since the day I moved in here, detailed accounts of everything. So I don't have to recall this by memory. I have it safe in an off site location protected. And as for me being paranoid about Doug stalking me and watching me through the trees, I have a witness with two eyes who is a safe third party individual with pictures [publishable in my book] who will be a good testifier to what I say is true. I have to limit much of what I say....but anyone getting the picture of where my book my may go....? This world is filled with wonderful people -- they just don't live in the same block as me. And my grandmother lives in the next block south -- so don't even twist what I just said. And yes the daycare across the street does get along with the Hoogeveens -- but Charles Manson had his followers too, and I am guessing the Bakkers across the street must bite their lip every time they see me. The very first time I said something to Mr Bakker across the street when they moved here I know he had a minor problem with me; and I wrote that down too. Not a big deal -- but even little things give indications to major problems. Lots of love to those who support me in this struggling time -- those in the city of Hills, reader and followers of this story, and to my ever loving family who have gotten much closer to me as a result of this terrible situation...it has been difficult for us all. May the future be brighter than the past.

Oh and about me knowing stuff from before I was alive [1960's] I have talked to all individuals who have lived here since that time. That is another reason how I know, and unless June Hooye Died since I talked to her last....I have their phone numbers or atleast how to get a hold of them.

If you thought you had enough supporters to get me out of town...maybe you could take up a collection: If you can come up with about $200,000.00 I could move -- nothing less would make it possible for me to relocate. That price includes my home. If you could I would move no less than 6 hours from here. Just and idea for you -- if me being here is that big of a problem for "some" of you folks.

If you could find 50 people, that only comes out to $4,000 a piece

first of all why would we pay for you to move as if you don't already mooch off tax payer enough. why dont you get a job. And getting second hand stories from your grandma doesn't count. and i am pretty sure your house is not even close to being worth $200,000

Rumors and lies....I paid into Social Security -- that is my benefit which I pre-paid into. I don't get any other help. And who said anything about my house being worth that much...that is just what it would cost to relocate from one house to another. And as far a second hand stories coming from my grandmother...I talk to a whole lots more people in town than you think I do -- past and present.

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