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10 years ago (2004) •Next week, Heartland Express marks its 30th anniversary of providing local public transportation. According to the Sept. 25, 1974, Star Herald it was Sept. 26, … more
10 years ago (2004) •The Palace Theatre’s marquee has been in place since Oct. 6, 1939, but will be missing from the Luverne landscape while it gets a facelift. Wednesday morning, … more
  10 years ago (2004) •The parish nurse program at Luverne’s United Methodist Church has grown from a good idea for a local congregation to a state model for other … more
10 years ago (2004) •Pat Dorn … has direct-sale stands on South Highway 75 at the railroad tracks in Luverne and at the 10th Street and Cliff Avenue Lewis stores in Sioux … more
10 years ago (2004) •The Luverne City Council Monday made property decisions: The council approved a purchase agreement for 80 acres of Vegge property for future airport … more
10 years ago (2004) •The Randy Scott Memorial Ride Saturday attracted bikers and friends of Scott and his surviving family. It also raised money for local charities. “It means a … more
10 years ago (2004) •Roundwind Travel, Luverne’s first travel agency, has decided to relocate to Sioux Falls. All About Travel, owner of Roundwind, plans to move the Luverne … more
10 years ago (2004) •With a class of 118 students registered for kindergarten this fall in Luverne, district teachers and administration are considering options for absorbing the large … more
10 years ago (2004) •Luverne’s Hot Dog Night attracted 34 wiener dog race entries and a half dozen hot dog eating contestants Thursday, July 8, for the 42nd year of the annual … more
10 years ago (2004) •A new summer sport is creating a stir at the Enduro track near the Rock County Fairgrounds. The Luverne area is host to a new weekly event, which calls itself the … more
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