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Dispatch report Aug. 8 •Complainant reported a car westbound in the eastbound lane. Transferred to Minnesota State Patrol and notified Minnehaha County. Deputy reported South Dakota … more
Dispatch report Aug. 1 •Complainant reported a burglary and vandalism in Kenneth. •Complainant reported sexual harassment. •Complainant reported problem with a family … more
0807-on the record   Dispatch report July 25 •Complainant reported that he has property at his mom’s house and she will not let him remove it. Complainant also states … more
Dispatch report July 18 •Complainant reported people being loud in an apartment on E. Dodge Street. •Complainant reported a fence has been tampered with and forced open or … more
Dispatch report July 4 •Complainant reported that there is a man with a broken down truck trying to hitch a ride three miles north of Hills. •Complainant reported that when … more
Dispatch report June 20 •Dispatcher received a cell phone hang-up. Called back and party said they dialed 911 by mistake. They were advised if that happens again to stay on the line … more
Dispatch report June 12 •Complainant reported two small boys wearing white helmets were riding a go-cart together up and down Barck and Cedar streets. •Complainant reported … more
Dispatch report June 6 •Complainant reported issues with family including neglect. •Complainant reported a spill at the ethanol plant. For our information … more
Dispatch report May 30 •Holiday Station reported that there was a wallet left at their store. •Complainant reported an older yellow Jeep Wrangler went tearing down his road … more
Dispatch report May 23 •Complainant reported that someone shot her car with a BB gun and she said she was very distraught. •Complainant reported that they would like us to … more
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