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To the Editor: Oh boy! Here we go again. Equal pay. Big problem? Yes, according to the liberals. It’s a big enough deal that they would like to run the next election on this issue … more
To the Editor: I am writing to thank and honor the many volunteers who serve at Good Samaritan communities of Luverne. We recently held our volunteer recognition, and I was reminded again … more
To the Editor: The Supreme Court of the United States recently struck down rules restricting contributions to politicians. The liberals, of course, are crying. Politicians can now be bought … more
To the Editor: I recently purchased an item on eBay that could only be delivered to a business address due to it being a pallet shipment by truck, requiring a dock. I had several businesses … more
To the Editor: In response to Mr. Pick's letter concerning an unfair tax code, I agree with him. No company is entitled to 100 percent of this country's benefit without paying for them. … more
To The Editor: In response to Mr. Nath’s letter in the March 20, 2014, edition of the Star Herald, it sounds like Mr. Nath spends an awful lot of time with his computer. Almost sounds … more
To the Editor: Good day, Commissioner Boyenga. I read with interest your “rest of the story” letter to the editor last week and was a bit dismayed by the tone. I believe that … more
To the Editor: Ah, global warming! Doesn’t it just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling? Does the thought of 60 degrees send your heart aflutter? Maybe that’s why “global … more
To the Editor: The purpose of this letter is to commend the staff at the Good Samaritan — Mary Jane Brown Home for the superb care my mother, Dorothy Delfs, received while she was a … more
To the Editor: In regards to last week’s story on broadband — now for the rest of the story. 1. Cost to wire the whole county — latest estimates $12-17 million … more
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