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To the Editor: I wish to thank Luverne for its warm hospitality during my visit while researching your city’s Korean War recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, James Van Hove. We … more
To the Editor: While watching the nightly talk shows, I listened to a number of people say that we should welcome all of these children that are sneaking into the United States like they are … more
To the Editor: “The water was pouring into my basement. I don’t even want to go down there.” Like this woman I talked with in a Luverne store last week, many have been … more
To the Editor: This letter is probably long overdue, but after all the adversity our community has gone through in the last couple of weeks, we'd like to express our admiration and … more
To the Editor:  These are some of my favorite quotes by famous people. Mark Twain said, “Cauliflower is just a cabbage with a college degree.” “A person with a … more
To the Editor: As we were asking for contributions for the poppy posters and poppies, people were asking what we use the money for, and here is what the American Legion Auxiliary does with … more
To the Editor: It was the best news Lewis & Clark received in five years when the Legislature approved a $22 million advance on our federal funding in the bonding bill! Federal funding … more
To the Editor:  I don’t have answers for the following questions: How do you grow a seedless watermelon? If it takes money to make money, where did the first money … more
To the Editor:   Chances are you have noticed extra law enforcement on our roads and “Click It or Ticket” messages on TV and radio. The effort and the messages certainly … more
To the Editor: Have you ever noticed a little red and white banner with either a blue star or a gold star in the window of a house on a street you may have passed? These are called Blue Star … more
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