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My days are now long and empty since my duties as “Willy Wonka” play director ended a few weeks ago, so I have more free time — which I, of course, spend attending other local … more
OK. I’ll confess. Tuesday night, March 18, three nights before the Green Earth Players production of “Willy Wonka” opened at the Palace Theater in Luverne, I, the director, … more
We are a hardy people. The wimps have left. At least that’s what we like to tell ourselves. Those who have left believe those still here to be insane for living on this God-forsaken … more
For the past two months I’ve been co-directing the Green Earth Players’ spring play, “Willy Wonka,” with my friend and partner in crime, Lynette Hoiland. There have … more
Well it’s time for that special day again — the day dedicated to the celebration of love. The day when most women, anticipating that he will forget Valentine’s Day, wake up … more
It was just another early Tuesday morning when my phone rang. “I’m sick,” she said. “I can’t make it to work.” Our editor is quite likely the most … more
And so it has come to this. America allegedly faces a Velveeta cheese shortage. I say “allegedly” because my personal take on this whole shortage business is that it’s a … more
I didn’t know we were cool. But, when my dad drove a red and white VW van into our lives in 1973, he drove my mom, brother, sister and me into an era that ends Dec. 31, 2013, I … more
Turns out, losing my glasses was just Phase 1. I lost my glasses a few months ago. Refusing to believe they were really gone, I wore an older pair as I continued to hunt for the lost … more
I love taking out the box of Christmas tree ornaments every year. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane. I still have more than half a box of the silver and white glitter-covered … more
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